We're back! It’s good to be back and I wanted to kick off by talking about our SMS wedge that we launched last year. It incorporates the Swing Match Weighting System, which utilizes three weight ports in the back of the wedge.  Two dummy weights are light and one is heavy.  Our fitting system allows us to optimize these weights based on every person’s swing type. 



This system is centered upon the leverage we put on the club as we swing. It took some experimentation to come up with it, but what we eventually found was that there’s a dramatic difference in both ball flight and how a club feels when we move weight from the toe toward the heel. 

By putting weight in different aspects of the golf club, you can customize the variables in your swing that match what you’re intending to do.  That’s exactly what SMS allows us to accomplish. 

Mike Duffey, a leading biomechanist from Penn State, led the way in crunching our research as we studied golfers of all different body and swing types using our prototype wedges.  What we found was that there was a 44% improvement in downrange ballistics (peak height, total distance, left and right deviations) and a 10% increase in spin when the weight was put in the correct place for the specific player.  Even more, only 24% of people needed weight in the middle of the golf club. 

Why the Swing Match Weighting System matters is so you have the weight properly oriented in the club and allows golfers of all types to optimize their motion to achieve desired results. Make sure to head over to our wedges page to see what grind is best for you!