Single Length Irons




A single setup, a single swing, and a single playing length allows you to simplify your playing process and give you the confidence to play better golf.  Our SINGLE LENGTH Irons are engineered for consistency and confidence; making them easy to hit for all golfer types.

Our high performance irons heads are paired with a shaft engineered exclusively for Edel by Paderson Kinetixx; offering optimal shot trajectories with optimized distance gapping throughout the set. Mirroring performance of the mid irons, long irons are finally easy to hit and more forgiving. Flying higher and longer with more spin and increased ball speed as compared to conventionally built sets of irons having longer playing lengths and lighter head weights. The shorter iron profile generates precise distance and target control accuracy; optimizing launch conditions and playability as never before seen in SINGLE LENGTH irons.

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    • Our hollow body design allows for a thinner, stronger face to deliver a longer, more forgiving iron design.
    • We used multiple materials of varying face thicknesses throughout the set to maintain proper ball speeds for each specific iron; delivering optimal and consistent distance gapping.
    • We have done some impressive work under the hood of our SLS-01 Irons. By progressively decreasing the size of our internal cavities as loft increases we can control ball speed; resulting in optimal distance gapping throughout the set.
    • Multiple step forging process allows for better grain structure in our carbon steel irons; providing superior feel.
    • Our hollow body iron is filled with a soft polymer material to provide improved feel, sound, and energy transfer. This also allows us to move the weight to the perimeter portions of the iron; increasing the size of the sweet spot.
    • Through multiple design features we were able to create a vertically progressive CG throughout the set.  Lower CG in the lower lofted clubs transitioning to higher CG in the higher lofted clubs to better control ball flight; improving launch conditions, shot dispersion and feel by maximizing head stability.
    • We CNC our Face, Grooves, and Internal Cavity for precise control of these important design aspects of the SLS-01 Irons.
    • As the industry leader in bounce education and sole design; our SLS-01 Irons have optimal sole width, bounce, and grind surface to provide the best turf interaction possible.
    • Developed exclusively for Edel, PADERSON KINETIXX loaded Single Length iron shafts offer optimal shot trajectories with optimized distance gapping throughout the set. Unmatched performance characteristics never before available in SINGLE LENGTH irons.
  • LOFT
    • 3 - 20°, 4 - 23°, 5 - 26°, 6 - 30°, 7 - 33°, 8 - 37°, 9 - 41°, P - 45°, G - 50°, S - 55°

If you need assistance selecting the correct set makeup; please contact our in-house Certified Fitter here, or call us at 512-778-6650.

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Single Length Irons

Traditional logic enforces the notion that variable length irons are correct and that smart people before us deciphered the most accurate way to play the game. Yet, few have questioned the reason why our clubs variate in length. Ockham’s Razor is a scientific technique or discovery tool to guide researchers and scientists which states Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions should be selected. In golf terms, a set of clubs that allows the player to maintain a single ball position, swing plane, and rhythm rate would provide the logical explanation to achieve optimal performance. All with a club that has singularity of length, weight, bounce, shaft weight, and shaft flex to optimize the simplicity of repeating your ideal swing. SIMPLIFY YOUR GAME. SINGLE LENGTH. SINGLE SWING.

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