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Single Length Iron Shafts



Developed exclusively for Edel, PADERSON KINETIXX loaded Single Length iron shafts offer optimal shot trajectories with optimized distance gapping throughout the set. Unmatched performance characteristics never before available in SINGLE LENGTH irons.  

Long, Mid and Short shaft profiles are designed to harmonize trajectory and optimize distance gapping in all corresponding lofts.

Mirroring performance of the mid irons, long irons are finally easy to hit and more forgiving. Flying higher and longer with more spin and increased ball speed as compared to conventionally built sets of irons having longer playing lengths and lighter head weights. The shorter iron profile generates precise distance and target control accuracy; optimizing launch conditions and playability as never before seen in a set of irons.

  • Tip Diameter :  .370" Parallel Tip
  • Raw Shaft Length :  38"
  • Profile Suggestions:
    • 3-5 Iron = Long Iron Profile (LIP)
    • 6-8 Iron = Mid Iron Profile (MIP)
    • 9-PW, GW, SW, LW = Short Iron Profile (SIP)

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Single Length Shafts

Pre-Loaded for fiber tension according to flex, weight and shaft profile. Each single length iron shaft combines strategically positioned variable kick and balance points with gradient torque and frequency progression. Optimizing launch conditions independent of clubhead loft, insuring the golfer of an optimal fit option throughout a set of single length irons, independent of the golfers swing or club loft.

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