Weight Kit for EAS Putters



Use these weights so you can adjust your EAS Putter for varying green speeds.  Our weight kit will allow you to adjust your putter head from 340 grams to 360 grams.

Faster Greens = Heavier Weight 
Slower Greens = Lighter Weight 


Step 1 - Lay the provided string down on the green about 12 feet away on a fairly flat putting surface.

Step 2 - Roll a few putts and see where they end up in relation to the string. The first putt is truly your indicator on the green speed.

If you roll the putts short of the string; the greens that day are slower and you need to change to a lighter weight.  This will speed up your stroke to hit it further.

If you roll the putts past the string; the greens are faster and you need to change to a heavier weight. This will slow down your stroke to hit it softer.

These weights are only compatible with our EAS Putters.

  • Includes:  Wrench, all weights, dispersion test string, and hard sided case
  • Weights :
    • 5 gram
    • 10 gram
    • 15 gram
    • 20 gram
    • 25 gram

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EAS Weight Kit