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    Edel Torque Balanced Putters

    The transition from the backswing to the downswing can create inconsistent face rotation, leading to mishits and missed putts.

    Unlike traditional toe-down or face-balanced putters, the unique “toe-up” weighting system of Edel Torque Balanced Putters greatly reduces face rotation, giving players a far greater opportunity to return the clubface to square at impact. Every Torque Balanced Putter also features a patented Pixl insert that drastically reduces the effects of mishits.

    Available in three head shapes with black Edel paddle grip. Standard specs are 35-inch length, 2° loft, 70° lie angle, and 365 gram head weight.

    Click HERE to order


    Edel Forged Irons

    Play the most advanced clubhead and bounce technology available today.

    Edel cavity back irons are forged from 304 stainless steel, and each club is hand ground to the correct weight and proper heel, toe, and trail relief. Variable face thickness produces optimal feel and forgiveness, and heel toe weighting increases stability and creates a larger sweet spot. Edel Golf’s enhanced bounce technology promotes proper turf interaction and eliminates excessive digging, creating the most solid and easy-to-hit iron available today.

    Edel cavity back irons feature a CNC machined profile, minimal progressive offset, and are available in both chrome and satin black chrome finishes.

    To get fitted for your set of Edel irons, click here to find an Edel Master Fitter in your area.

    Click HERE to order


    Edel Wedges

    After over a decade of research and development with renowned PGA instructor Mike Adams, Edel Golf has created a line of wedges that combine industry leading technology and old world craftsmanship.

    Edel wedges are offered in a variety of lofts and eight grind configurations that allow players choose a wedge that encourages proper turf interaction based on individual swing characteristics. Every Edel wedge is made of 304 stainless steel, hand ground to a precise weight by an Edel Master Craftsman, hand stamped with your name or initials, and finished with your choice of paint colors.

    To get fitted for Edel wedges, click here to find an Edel Master Fitter in your area.

    You can also order custom Edel wedges online using our wedge designer.

    Click HERE to order

    Edel Custom Putters

    Edel Golf’s industry leading putter fitting system offers players the unique ability to create a putter that is precisely fitted to every aspect of their putting stroke.

    A fitting session with an Edel Master Fitter addresses variables such as geometric head shape, hosel design, offset, weight, sight line configuration, lie angle, loft, and length measurements to design a one-of-a-kind putter that is then hand made in Liberty Hill, Texas. Players may also choose from a variety of personalized cosmetic options including paint fill colors, custom stamping, custom logos, and special black, platinum, or gold finishes.

    Find out More

    To get fitted for your Edel putter, find an Edel Master Fitter in your area.

    Purpose Built for You

    A truly customized golf club goes far beyond having a few options to make an adjustment here or there. We get it. At Edel, our fully customizable putters, wedges and irons means you are playing handcrafted, tour proven golf clubs that are properly fit, purpose built and personalized just for you.


    Begin your journey to lower scores. Get fit today.

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