In Gee Chun stops into the studio and talks FITTING

We’re lucky to be joined in-studio by In Gee Chun.  She’s twice been a major champion on the LPGA Tour winning the Evian Masters and U.S. Open as well another LGPA event.  Altogether, she has 14 worldwide wins. 

When I asked In Gee Chun about the things she’s learned from the Edel fitting process, she says it changed her “whole perception of the game, especially the scoring clubs.”

Going through the fitting process, one of the things she learned most was about the right setup for her game and her confidence has grown significantly. 

As it pertains to wedges, finding the right grind has been a game changer.  She says “I can’t use any other wedges anymore.”  With the new grinds, she’s able to make solid contact out of trouble lies more consistently.  Again, the result has been a big increase in confidence. 

For In Gee Chun, the “scientific approach to golf makes all the difference…”  That’s what we’re all about at Edel Golf – using science to help you find what looks real and feels real.