Array F-1 Putter



A modern mallet engineered for adjustability and total putter customization. Machined to the tightest tolerances for exacting precision, the F-1 features a striking surface forged and machine milled from 1025 carbon steel which is known for its superior sound and softer feel. Choose from multiple hosel, alignment plate, and weight options to build an Array F-1 that is uniquely yours.

  • Interchangeable Hosels: An essential element of getting the ball rolling on the intended target line is returning the putter back to square at impact. Choosing the hosel that best matches your stroke type is crucial. With four different hosels--single bend, slant, short plumber, and long plumber--you can rest assured that there is a hosel optimal for you. (See "Specs" tab, above, for more information.)

  • Six Alignment Plate Options: All golfers have an aim bias. Every line and visible attribute of a putter drives one's eyes to a specific location and dictates where a golfer aims their putter. This creates path deviations and face rotation challenges, among other compensations. Solve your aim bias by pairing your optimal alignment plate with the Array F-1 and sink more putts.

  • Adjustable Weighting: Dial in your speed with different head weights to best match your feel and stroke type. Do you consistently leave your putts short? Try lightening up the head weight to speed up your stroke. For those who often hit it too hard, try a heavier head weight to aid in the slowing of your stroke.

Orders will ship in approximately 2-3 weeks.

Array Putters spec table

Array Putters toe hang specs

Head Material // 1025 Carbon Steel Striking Surface and 6061 Aluminum Frame

Internal Shaft Weight // 30 g at 6"

Headcover // Standard Array Headcover Included

If you need assistance selecting the correct putter; please contact our in-house Certified Fitter here, or call us at 303-720-6254.

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Engineered for adjustability and total putter customization, the Array Putter line takes the guesswork out of putting and fits all golfers with a putter optimized to their tendencies...because even one putt can change everything.

Multiple Head Shapes and Alignment Plates to Customize Your Aim

Interchangeable Hosels to Match Your Stroke

Adjustable Weighting Options to Dial In Speed

Innovative Grip Options for Superior Alignment and Feel

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