Case Study: How to Better Aim Your Driver

Welcome back to the Edel Golf Podcast. Today we’re taking another listener question about aim markings on a driver and aim bias in regard to offset vs. no offset.

The question specifically reads “how does the same aim bias due to lines on a putter also apply to markings on other clubs in the bag such as the driver?”

To answer this question, let’s start with a story from a longtime Edel Golf friend, Lon Hinkle.  After we did a putter fitting with Lon, he said to me, “you know what, I’ve switched to a driver that looks a lot like this mallet putter.”  In comparison to his recent switch from an angular and closed driver to a more round and bulbous, concluding that aiming a putter is just as important as properly aiming all the other clubs in the bag.

This leads us to discussion of the popular notion that blade clubs with little or no offset aim farther right and clubs with more offset aim farther left.  In reality, the opposite is true.  We were surprised when we came to this realization that turned conventional wisdom on its head.

In the end, there’s no denying that aim markings on a golf club absolutely effect aim bias.  The same can be said for paint patterns and top lines.

If you’re curious to learn more about how aim markings and other factors impact directional bias, all you need a laser and mirror to do the test for yourself.  Listening to the podcast above is a great place to start.

As always, thanks for your questions!  We can’t wait to sit back down at the workbench and help you understand and learn how to play your best golf.