How often should I change my putter?

How often should I change my putter?


David Edel tackles a few putting questions from podcast listeners and brings light to some design questions.

Question 1 -  “how our putter fitting system was developed.”

It all started back in 1996 when David was living in Oregon helping run his family business and started making putters.  It was in late 1997 and early 1998 that he started collaborating with Henry Griffits to develop a putter fitting system.

After parting ways with Henry Griffits, David introduced my own putter fitting system with interchangeable hosels, faces, and line templates.

His first client was renowned teacher, Chuck Cook from Barton Creek.  Over the next two months, their challenge became understanding how all these pieces of the fitting process worked and how they could communicate the information to clients and fitters in a way they could understand.  That was the beginning and we’ve obviously come a long way from there.

Another listener wants to know “How often should I change my putter?” 

In David’s experience, most of the best putters never change.  They learn how to putt with what they’ve got.  In the rare case that they do change, it’s usually because they’re frustrated.  When it comes to shape, most golfers are socially conditioned to a certain shape because that’s what they see the best players in the world putting with.

In reality, a lot of people that come to one of our fittings, have a putter shape they like, but don’t aim it correctly.  When we get them in the right head shape, lie angle, hosel, etc., they’re often surprised at how much more accurately they aim.

When it comes to switching putters, the general rule of thumb remains, once you find what works, stick with it, know why it works, and understand it. 

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