Heath Slocum: Surprising Wedge and Putter Fitting Insights from the Tour

Today, we have the distinct pleasure of being joined by Heath Slocum.  Heath is a four-time PGA Tour winner and just turned 47.  After a hiatus, Heath is back at it and ready to compete. 


Heath recently went through our putter fitting process and said it was “it was very eye-opening… It opened my mind to what I was missing for such a long time… I’ve got a putter and wedges in my bag I know I can count on.”  For Heath, “Understanding is knowledge, and knowledge is power.” 

Here at Edel, we’re about to release our new wedge line which has variable weighting.  Heath says this new line of wedges “blew my mind… in terms of weighting, feel, and flight.”  For him to make these changes is pretty remarkable.  He’s a guy that doesn’t like to change equipment much.  His irons are four or five years old. 

When I asked Heath what he would tell his younger self, he says it would be “to learn more.  To educate myself on the little things I know now… You can get to the end result quicker, with less effort.” 

He also had some interesting things to say about how things have changed now, compared to when he first got out on Tour.  Today he “sees a lot of speed.  The power game is there... short games have improved too.” 

As hard as it might be to believe, putter fitting hardly exists on Tour according to Heath.  More often than not, players are putting with something that’s being pushed by a manufacturer, not necessarily the right club for them.  Heath stresses how important getting this part of the equation right is.

At Edel, we’ve also started using BioMech technology in our putter fitting process.  There’s nothing on the market quite like it in terms of the information it provides real time.  Heath’s using this technology as well and has nothing but good things to say.  The best part is, it’s affordable for almost anybody. 

The key to all of this is matching proper aim and speed, with biomechanics.  Once you put these three pieces of the puzzle together, it’s pretty hard to make a bad stroke.

We can’t thank Heath enough for taking time out of his busy schedule to join for a conversation.  His insights are unique and useful for any golfer that wants to get better.  We have no doubt that he’ll find success in the coming years as he resurrects his game.

As always, thanks for tuning into the Edel Golf Podcast.  It’s great to be back together at the workbench.  Stay tuned, we’ll be back with more soon.