Matching Your Putting Perception to Reality

The Perception of Reality - If you listened to Bryson DeChambeau talk during the U.S. Open, he spoke about this very concept with his putting and how his goal was to match both perception and reality.  

The secret to becoming a great player is to “match what you see and match what you feel and match it against reality.”

When it comes to selecting a putter, most golfers take what they see and feel, and hope that it matches reality.  It doesn’t have to be that way because there is an exact science to all of this. 

More than any other part of the game, putting is a perceptive process.  The validity of this process can be found immediately by using a laser on the face of the putter to see where it’s aiming.  Even with all the focus patterns that putters come with (lines, head shape, length, colors, etc.), it’s astounding that “only three percent of golfers we’ve tested can aim their putter correctly.” 

The question becomes what causes so much aim bias?  

1. The answer is that we all perceive things differently.  

What makes us so proud of the job we do at Edel Golf is that 96% of the people that get fitted for a putter by us, can aim their putter precisely and correctly. 

2. The other prominent perceptive process in putting has to do with speed.  

When golfers struggle with speed, it’s usually a weight issue.  That’s why having a putter that’s properly weighted to your perception of what speed is, is so important. 

When we’re able to fit golfers with putters that they can aim correctly and are correctly weighted, the end result is confidence. 

“Confidence is knowing you can do something and having the result match the intention… Confidence comes from doing something over and over…” 

What’s cool about the process of putter fitting is that it’s fluid from one golfer to another. Sure, the tenants and mechanics are rooted in science but that science is applied differently to every individual. The key to becoming a great putter is understanding your process and perfecting it. 

At Edel Golf, we’re here to help you learn the process and equipment that works best for you. We have fitters all over the country that know how to fit putters correctly.  All you have to do is reach out to us and find one.