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  • Faster Ball SpeedAverage ball speed: +3.30 mph
  • Longer DistanceAverage carry distance: +5.60 yds
  • More AccuracyAverage distance from centerline: 1.30 yds closer (15% more accurate)
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what is swing match weighting?

Swing Match Weighting is the first iron technology to truly
fit your irons to your natural swing.

Clubface is king. SMS weighting gives golfers the ability to control their clubface throughout their swing to create the most efficient impact for them.

By moving the heaviest weight on the iron to its optimal position, you’ll get total face control for:

  • Increased distance
  • Dialed-in accuracy
  • Ultimate iron performance


  • Plasma welded maraging steel face cup for even more speed across the face
  • The best-feeling players distance iron ever? Using a proprietary urethane foam fill, we’re able to dampen vibration and provide better feel and sound
  • Forged hollow body construction to unlock adjustability and distance

UNMATCHED accuracy

Imagine having total control of your face angle by matching the SMS weights to your swing and unlocking the most accurate iron you’ve ever hit.

Did you know?
When a 6-iron face is open or closed two degrees at impact, your ball will be 10 yards offline.


The history of weighting in club building

Persimmon Wood

Weight Porting

Lead Tape

SLS Irons

SMS Irons

Persimmon Wood

Internal and external screws and plates were used to get the club to weight.

Weight Porting

Weight porting has been around for hundreds of years. Club builders drill out mass to fit the club to the golfer.

Lead Tape

Lead tape has been added to golf clubs to increase overall mass and also has been added to certain locations on the club for fitting purposes.

SLS Irons

A singular weight has been used to swing weight clubs and dial in trajectory.

SMS Irons

Edel’s SMS Irons utilize Swing Match Weighting for total face control and ultimate iron performance.


Swing Match System Iron Testing

Reinventing Custom Fit Golf Clubs with Edel Irons

Is This the Future of Irons?!

SMS Irons First Impressions

What's in the Box?

Moving Weights = Total Clubface Control

How to Hit it Further

How to Hit it Closer

How to Hit it Higher


Club Hand Loft Lie Offset Top Line Length Swing Weight Raw Head Weight Weight with 2-8-2
4 RH 23* 60.5 3.3mm 6.5mm 38.50” D2 234 g 246 g
5 RH 26* 61 3.0mm 6.5mm 38.00” D2 241 g 253 g
6 RH 29* 61.5 2.8mm 6.5mm 37.50” D2 248 g 260 g
7 RH 32* 62 2.5mm 6.5mm 37.00” D2 255 g 267 g
8 RH 36* 62.5 2.3mm 6.5mm 36.50” D2 262 g 274 g
9 RH 40* 63 2.0mm 6.5mm 36.00” D2 269 g 281 g
PW RH 45* 63.5 1.8mm 6.5mm 35.75” D2 274 g 286 g
GW RH 50* 64 1.5mm 6.5mm 35.50” D2 279 g 291 g