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Hit It.  Flip It.  Dial It In.

Swing Match Weighting is the first wedge technology to truly fit your wedge to your natural swing.

  • Our weighting technology allows the golfer to adjust their wedge in order to match their natural swing profile and release motion.
  • These profiles are typically broken into three major categories: Cover, Side On, Under or in simpler terms, a continuum of steep to more shallow.
  • Each wedge has two lighter 2 gram weights and one heavier 8 gram weight.  By moving the heaviest weight on the wedge to the optimal position for your profile, it will work complementary to your swing and optimize your wedge game.

All wedges are made to order and we intend to ship within 2 weeks.

  • Forged from soft Japanese 1025 carbon steel
  • Bounce & Sole CNC machined to the tightest tolerances in the industry
  • Full face coverage groove profile
  • CG optimized through shortened hosel length
  • Precisely applied cream chrome finish
  • Each wedge comes with two lighter 2 gram weights, one heavier 8 gram weight and a wrench to change the position.

If you need assistance selecting the ideal wedge; please contact our in-house PGA Pro and Certified Fitter here, or call us at 512-778-6650

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The First Wedge Fit For Your Swing

The Edel Swing Match Weighting System allows you, the golfer, to dial in your wedge game by adjusting weights to match your swing profile.

In our internal studies, testers showed a 44% increase in accuracy in distance and lateral dispersion combined.

80% of testers saw their best spin results with the weight somewhere other than center.

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