We collaborated with Hall of Fame instructor Mike Adams to create our wedges and the most advanced wedge fitting system available to golfers today. We constantly innovate this process to find the correct wedge for each individual golfer to help them play their best.

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Bounce and Grind technology

Working with Hall of Fame PGA instructor Mike Adams we have designed our wedges to have the proper bounce and sole configuration to match your swing. The role of bounce is to offset a golfers forward shaft lean and the angle of attack at impact to minimize the effects of soil and turf conditions. Having the optimal bounce angle combined with the correct sole width on your wedge will result in less face twisting, more consistent clubhead speeds, increased spin, and consistent control of distances; drastically improving your shortgame. All Edel Wedges are Hand-Ground to specific weight, grind, bounce, sole-width, and optimal trail relief in our workshop in Liberty Hill, TX. Available in lofts 45°- 65°



A C-SHAPED Grind with medium bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a shallow to moderate angle of attack with a small divot.


A V-SHAPED Grind with medium-high bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a moderate to steep angle of attack with a larger divot.


A CHANEL-SHAPED Grind with dual surfaces and high bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a steep angle of attack with a large, deep divot.

*More grinds available through our custom fitting process


Extended Grooves

Edel wedges are designed to create more consistent shot making by incorporating industry first enhancements to the club face. We have moved and expanded the center of percussion (sweet spot) of our wedges toward the toe in comparison to most traditional clubs, and away from the hosel. Another Edel first; we have extended the groove pattern on the face of the club all the way towards the toe. This allows you to better frame the golf ball at address and allows for more consistent ball to groove contact on open-face shots.

SHortened Hosel

To obtain an ideal center of gravity in our wedges we need to move some weight around. We have shortened the length of the hosel to move that weight towards the toe to obtain a center-of- gravity that is in the true center of the face. This allows for all of the centers to be in the same location, THE SWEET SPOT, for the most solid feeling and best performing wedge available today.

  • center-of-clubface
  • center-of-gravity
  • center-of-percussion

Rounded Leading edge

A slightly rounded leading edge allows the club face to sit close to the ground while maintaining the proper bounce angle. This feature allows opening and closing the clubface for different shots and lies while still keeping the leading edge square to target.

Aggressive heel relief

Removal of excess material from the heel of the club results in a narrower and sharper hosel. This feature allows the clubhead to move through rough and sand without twisting of the face through impact.

Custom Fitting

We have created the most comprehensive wedge fitting process in the golf industry for our highly skilled and trained Certified Fitters to find the best possible wedge make-up for your shortgame. Using a combination of 8 specific grinds and sole options; along with our proprietary zero-obstruction hosel adapter we can interchange over 30 shafts into each grind to determine your optimal wedge characteristics.

During the process our Certified Fitters will make the following evaluations to make sure you will have the best possible custom-fit wedges to improve your game.

  • Angle-of-Attack
  • Shaft Lean at impact
  • Launch Angle
  • Divot Pattern
  • Desired Spin
  • Swing-Weight
  • Complete set makeup
  • Loft gaps
  • Typical shot types
  • Length and Lie
  • Typical playing conditions

At Edel Golf we pride ourselves on the development of our fitting system to find you the perfect set of wedges. Constantly innovating our process and continuing to educate our Certified Fitters allows us to trust that we are making you wedges that will stay in your bag for seasons to come.

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