EAS 5.0 Putter



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The latest innovation in Torque Balanced Technology is here! Now with more head weight options to optimize your speed control, and interchangeable alignment options to dial in your aim. 

The EAS 5.0 head shape is designed as a true mallet shape that shifts your focus forward and help left aimers aim to the right. The interchangeable alignment plates help these focus patterns. Lines on the top help you focus forward and move your aim to the right; while lines on the bottom move your focus backwards and aim more left.

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EAS Putters Spec Table Edel Golf

  • Head Shape: Mallet
  • Head Weight: 340 grams - 360 grams
  • Loft: 
  • Length: 33" - 36"
  • Shaft Offset: Zero Offset (standard), Forward Offset, Backset
  • Internal Shaft Weight: 30 grams at 6"
  • Headcover: Standard headcover included  

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EAS Model 5.0

The revolutionary Torque Balanced technology from Edel Golf significantly reduces the negative effects of torque, promoting a smoother and more consistent motion and allowing the putter head a greater opportunity to return to square at impact. Torque Balanced technology strategically removes weight from the toe of the putter, creating a “toe- up” balance point versus traditional toe-down or face balanced putters. With an optimally weighted design, the Torque Balanced putter is less susceptible to the forces of torque during the putting stroke. The Torque Balanced technology is contained completely within the sole of the club, allowing the putter to maintain a sleek and traditional look at address.

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