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The foundation of my company was built on creativity, design and limitless thinking. To create something with just an idea and see it through until you can hold it in your hands. I am happiest when I can use my creativity to make something special from an original idea or one that has my unique spin on it.

Over the years apart from my exploits as club maker, I have taken great pride making such things as fly reels, watches, belt buckles,  golf bags, knives and many other unique items. All with quality materials and timeless handmade craftsmanship. Now I bring to you something special to me.

I grew up in one of the most beautiful fragrant places, the central Oregon coast with lush botanical forests, ocean fresh air and pristine Rivers. This environment educated my nose to those fragrances that recall special memories.

Since our sense of smell is the most powerful senses, I have collaborated with renowned fragrance specialist Suzanne Marie Baur, “le nez” ie.. the nose,  owner at surroundingsfragrances.com to develop exclusively for EDEL  GOLF, my brand Scent  Combining botanicals and aquatic notes.

Once this amazing sent was created I put my creativity into action and developed heirloom quality bottles that reflect the amazing Creation within. Each bottle is painstakingly made using the finest materials with special attention to timeless design and detail. The first bottles will be number for the exclusivity and refillable so it can be used for generations.

I think you will be amazed ....

David Edel

  • 3.4 FL. OZ.
  • Handmade Heirloom Bottles Available
  • Designed and Crafted in the USA

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