Hand Ground Custom Wedge

Hand Ground Custom Wedge


A C-SHAPED Grind with medium bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a shallow to moderate angle of attack with a small divot.

We have ground aggressive relief in the toe and heel and slight relief on the trail edge of this wedge to provide stability and maintaining the clubs path without any digging or skipping. This wider sole allow you to increase the bounce by opening the club face for various shot types.


A V-SHAPED Grind with medium-high bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a moderate to steep angle of attack with a larger divot.

We grind this bounce surface with a high bounce angle and keep the sole grind closer to the leading edge. This allows the bounce surface on the wedge head to engage with the turf quickly; resulting in the wedge gliding through the sand or turf with minimal hesitation. The wedge has dramatic heel, toe, and trail relief; enabling the player to lay the club open without the leading edge elevating from the ground.


A CHANEL-SHAPED Grind with dual surfaces and high bounce; this grind is optimal for golfers with a steep angle of attack with a large, deep divot.

We grind a channel in the midsole area to create a double sole with 2 separate bounce surfaces. The high bounce leading edge allows the wedge to cut through the turf at impact without resistance while the extremely high bounce on the second surface prevents any excessive digging.  The DIGGER GRIND is only available in lofts 58-64.  In lower lofted wedges the DIGGER GRIND transitions into the DRIVER GRIND.


-  Premium cast from 304 stainless steel for optimal feel.
-  CNC machined face and conforming grooves for optimal spin.
-  Hand ground to appropriate bounce with desired heel, toe and trail relief.
-  Minimal offset.
-  Unique custom stamping available to make the wedge your own.


If you are interested in a shaft not available on our online ordering system; please email info@edelgolf.com