By Vinnie Manginelli, PGA

This article was originally published on on 7/21/22.


Edel Golf is a premium golf equipment manufacturer headquartered in Liberty Hill, Texas. Edel’s putter fitting processes have become the industry standard in providing the most accurate fit possible. Chris Koske is the Chief Marketing Officer of this GRAA partner, and he took some time to boast and brag about the company that has excelled in putters and putter fitting, and now has some new and exciting endeavors in the works that will build upon the already unprecedented adjustability offered. Here’s this month’s Five Questions feature.

1) Can you tell us about the history of Edel Golf?

Koske: Edel’s heritage is one that we detail as a “No outliers” philosophy that brings an instructional knowledge of the swing and game of golf to the fitting of golf clubs. Founded by Quarter Century PGA member David Edel two decades ago, the goal was to pay attention to the unique characteristics of the golfer and build fitting systems and products around them, so they play better golf. It started with putters, transitioned into wedges and then into the Single Length Irons that Bryson DeChambeau used to win the 2015 NCAA Individual Championship and U.S. Amateur title.

2) What are some key products and services offered by Edel Golf?

Koske: Our current club lineup is one that is focused on scoring. Our Edel Alignment System (EAS) Putters offer more than 80,000 fitting variations, including head shape, alignment lines, head weights, hosel options and a multitude of counterweight options, and our process is unique in fitting for aim, stroke and speed.

Last year, we launched a lineup of Swing Match System (SMS) wedges that have adjustable weighting technology that allows fitters to work with players in dialing in the weighting on their wedges to conform to their natural swing and release motion. As a follow up, we recently announced the launch of our newest SMS irons. Bringing adjustable weighting to a hollow body players distance iron has given us staggering results. In fact, when tested, we saw an average increase of 5.5 yards, 3.3 mph of ball speed and greater target accuracy by 1.3 yards or 15 percent. Just like in our wedges, the adjustable weights can be moved to match a player’s swing and give him or her total face control through the swing, and most importantly at impact.

3) Where can today’s golfers go to try your products?

Koske: Edel products are not on the racks at every golf retail outlet, but you can find us in over 350 locations worldwide at some of the best green grass facilities, GOLFTEC, Club Champion and a host of other passionate fitters. We consider these professionals to be the best fitters in the world, because our products require a certain level of dedication to fitting. Due to the technology that we offer in our products, we believe we have the most fitter-friendly products on the market.

4) What is your role as the Chief Marketing Officer?

Koske: In my role, I oversee Sales, Marketing and the Product team. I’ve worked in golf almost exclusively since I was 15 years old, having started as a cart attendant, working retail through high school and college and spending 11 years at Callaway, where I oversaw the Odyssey business for the majority of my time there.

5) What’s next on the horizon for Edel Golf?

Koske: Edel is in a really cool place right now. We’ve experienced record growth over the past two years, and we’re building a team of people who eat, sleep and breathe golf. Nearly everyone in the company can build and fit at a master level. Internally, we say we’re a company “for golfers, by golfers.”

Over the next couple of years, we’ve got a pretty robust product roadmap we’re working on that will continue to bring golf innovation to the public. With our distribution trends, the hope is that more and more golfers will be exposed for the first time to clubs that truly do fit them, and not just a static club that worked well the day of their fitting.

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