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Both companies rooted in a shared desire to help people play better golf, have teamed up to bring the Edel Golf EAS Fitting System to even more golfers.

Liberty Hill, TX and Englewood, CO - Edel Golf and GOLFTEC are proud to announce the new line of EAS putters, along with its industry-leading putter fitting system has been rolled out to 33 select locations across the U.S. GOLFTEC, the world leader in golf improvement, is providing a platform for a significant leap in putter fitting to its current and future student base with the rollout of the EAS Fitting Cart.

“The stars really aligned with this partnership,” said Chris Koske, VP of Sales and Marketing. “Edel Golf has always stood for making people play better, rather than just chasing every sale.  GOLFTEC is rooted in that same desire to improve the playing ability of their customers, so it really is a great fit for us.”

The key technology of the EAS putter line is built around the ability to customize a large number of variables to fit just about anybody with a specific focus on fitting aim and speed. The interchangeable alignment plates, coupled with the ability to fit to a person’s specific aim bias really sets this line of putters apart. With four different head shapes, multiple alignment plate options, five different head weight options, endless counterweight options by using the Tour Lock Pro Opti-Vibe weighting system, and a number of stock and custom grip options, the EAS putter line has completely changed the game for fitting customization.

“We’ve been searching for a complete putter fitting system for some time,” said Nick Clearwater, VP of Instruction and 2020 Colorado PGA Teacher of the Year. “With all the different fitting variables and the performance of the product, tied in with the instructional and fitting knowledge of our coaches and systems; we really felt like this was an important step to provide better putter fitting to golfers everywhere.”

GOLFTEC is largely known for their instructional prowess, but has also become a leader in premium club fitting. Recognized by Golf Digest, Callaway, Mizuno, PING and Golf.com/Golf Magazine as a Top Clubfitter, GOLFTEC’s enhanced custom club fitting program powered by TECFIT is a tour-like fitting experience combining swing characteristics with ball flight data to help identify optimal golf equipment for each student. An array of clubhead/shaft options are available to perfectly match players of any skill level with the clubs that best meet their needs. Using GOLFTEC’s TECPUTT putting system in addition to the Edel EAS Fitting System will bring an incredible fitting experience to the golf world. 

About Edel Golf

Headquartered in Liberty Hill, Texas, Edel Golf is a premium golf equipment manufacturer dedicated to providing pioneered concepts to help golfers score.  Edel’s fitting processes in the putter category have long been the industry standard in providing nearly infinite possibilities to the golfer to ensure the most accurate fit possible.  Edel Golf proudly bucks status quo golf club manufacturing to bring groundbreaking products and services to golfers, whether it’s our revolutionary Single Length Iron System, our high-performance EAS Putters and putter fitting system, or our highly customizable Hand Ground Wedges.  For more information, please visit www.edelgolf.com.

About GolFTEC

Since 1995, GOLFTEC’s mission has remained the same—to help people play better golf. The GOLFTEC experience is built to offer a place where golfers of all ages and ability levels can work with an expert in golf instruction to build a game improvement plan customized to their specific needs and goals. And with the aid of technology that gives our students and coaches instant and data-driven feedback, we’re helping people find their potential in ways that accelerate the improvement journey. With millions of lessons given and more than 200 locations across the world, GOLFTEC is the world leader in golf instruction.

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