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The new SMS (Swing Match System) Irons are unlike any irons on the market. These irons feature Swing Match Weighting. What is Swing Match Weighting? Simply put, it is the biggest leap in iron technology and customization that we've ever seen. By moving the heaviest of the three weights to the ideal position for your swing, it enables total clubface control. That can mean eliminating your miss right or left, improving face impact position, more distance, more accuracy, and optimized performance all around.

  • Forged Hollow Body Construction to Unlock Adjustability and Distance: With a hollow body made from a soft forged 1025 carbon steel, these irons offer a buttery feel and a beautiful look. Forged 1025 hollow body construction allows for housing the SMS weighting technology while providing a faster face, amazing feel, and ultimate control. The result, ultimate performance.

  • Plasma Welded Maraging Steel Face Cup for Even More Distance: With the use of an incredibly strong, plasma welded maraging steel face cup, our face is designed for distance across its entirety. The combination of cup face construction and a face material stronger than the body has resulted in increased face flexing on off-center hits.

  • Proprietary Urethane Foam Fill to Give the Ultimate Feel: By using a proprietary, high density urethane foam fill, we have possibly created the best feeling players distance iron ever. With the increased density of our foam fill, we are better able to dampen face and club vibration at impact for better feel and sound.

  • Players Sole Grind for Turf Interaction Versatility: In creating a versatile sole, this iron slides through the turf in a number of conditions and course contours to provide great performance. It features a gradual curve of the leading edge to promote friendlier conditions when in the rough or on tight lies. The sole’s curve from its leading to trail edge has been rounded to minimize drag through the turf.

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Covered by one or more of the following U.S. Patent Nos.: 9,421,437 and/or 9,426,634.

Edel Golf SMS Iron Specs

  • Stock Clubhead Weights: Two 2g weights and one 8g weight
  • Wrench is included with purchase

If you need assistance selecting the correct set makeup; please contact our in-house Certified Fitter here, or call us at 303-720-6254.

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Take the Swing Match Challenge

  • Ball Speed Gains
    • Avg. Ball Speed Increase (Best Position): +3.30 mph
  • Carry Distance Gains
    • Avg. Carry Distance Increase (Best Position): +5.60 yards
  • Club Speed Gains
    • Avg. Club Speed Increase (Best Position): +3.06 mph
  • Peak Height and Descent Angle Gains
    • Avg. Peak Height (Best Position): +2.19 yards/6.57 feet higher
    • Avg. Increase in Descent Angle (Best Position): +1.1 degree
  • Yards From Centerline
    • Avg. Yards from Centerline (Best Position): 1.3 yards closer (14.9% closer)

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