Liberty Hill, TX - Edel Golf is announcing the introduction of a game changing technology in irons. The new SMS (Swing Match System) Irons are unlike any irons on the market. The adjustable Swing Match Weighting brings a level of customization to irons that hasn’t been seen in golf. By moving the heaviest of the three weights to the ideal position for the golfer’s swing, it enables total clubface control. That can mean eliminating your miss right or left, improving face impact position, more distance, more accuracy, and optimized performance all around. Golfers have long been able to adjust their driver to their swing to customize and maximize their performance. The Edel SMS Irons do just that and the results are shockingly good.

“We built this company with a singular mission to ensure golfers get better by playing clubs that are fit to their unique attributes as a human and as a golfer,” said David Edel, Founder. “When you look at the swing through a biomechanics lens, it’s very clear that golfers are predisposed to certain positions and angles in the swing. We knew we had to design an iron that you could adjust to match a multitude of swing types.”

The SMS Irons tested through the roof. Typically, golf companies will pick one variable or one swing speed at which they know they’ll see the max benefit of the club. The SMS Irons were put to the test vs. a variety of golfers’ gamer 7 irons. Here is a summary of the results:

  • Ball Speed Gains
    • Avg. Ball Speed Increase (Best Position): +3.30 mph
    • Avg. Ball Speed Increase (All Positions): +2.16 mph
    • 96% of testers had a higher ball speed with SMS vs Gamer (all but one!)
  • Carry Distance Gains
    • Avg. Carry Distance Increase (Best Position): +5.60 yards
    • Avg. Carry Distance Increase (All Positions): +3.38 yards
  • Club Speed Gains
    • Avg. Club Speed Increase (Best Position): +3.06 mph
    • 88% of testers had a higher club head speed with SMS vs Gamer
  • Peak Height and Descent Angle Gains
    • Avg. Peak Height (Best Position): +2.19 yards/6.57 feet higher
    • Avg. Increase in Descent Angle (Best Position): +1.1 degree 
  • Yards From Centerline
    • Avg. Yards from Centerline (Best Position): 1.3 yards closer (14.9% closer)

Player Test: 25 golfers tested with their gamer vs. the SMS Iron. Five shots with the gamer and five shots with the heavy weight in each position.

The SMS Irons are a hollow body, players distance iron. Due to their unique construction, they cater to players as good as scratch up to high teen handicappers. Swing Match Weighting gives total clubface control through impact to deliver more distance and accuracy. Constructed from a forged 1025 carbon steel body, a plasma welded steel face cup, and high-density urethane foam fill, these irons play like a performance iron but feel like a forged iron.

“The majority of golf clubs on the market are static, meaning once you buy them, you have to adjust your swing to the club,” said Chris Koske, Chief Marketing Officer. “When we first started playing with weights in wedges and irons, we saw overwhelming data that showed golfers were getting better results by being able to customize the club to their specific swing. When was the last time you hit a non-adjustable hosel driver? It’s probably been a while. We believe golf clubs should be fit to the golfer, not just how they were swinging the day of the fit, but truly be able to change with you as your game changes.”

The SMS Irons will be offered in variable length 4-Iron through Gap Wedge options. Each iron has three weights, two 2-gram weights and one 8-gram weight come stock, but can be dialed in through the fitting process for swing weighting purposes and can be customized with 4-gram, 6-gram and 10-gram options as well.

The irons are priced at $250 per club and come with a handful of no upcharge shaft and grip offerings.

About Edel Golf

Headquartered in Liberty Hill, Texas, Edel Golf is a premium golf equipment manufacturer dedicated to providing pioneered concepts to help golfers score. Edel’s fitting processes in the putter category have long been the industry standard in providing nearly infinite possibilities to the golfer to ensure the most accurate fit possible. Edel Golf proudly bucks status quo golf club manufacturing to bring groundbreaking products and services to golfers, whether it’s our revolutionary Single Length Iron System, our high-performance EAS Putters and putter fitting system, or game-changing adjustable weight SMS (Swing Match System) Wedges. For more information, please visit www.edelgolf.com.

Media Contact:

Chris Koske, Chief Marketing Officer

Phone: 760.560.8439

Email: ckoske@edelgolf.com

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